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New Ways to Remember the Deceased

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How do you remember those loved ones you have lost? For some, cherishing fond memories is sufficient. For others, something physical and tangible can be a meaningful aid to the grieving process. There are several ways in which memories can be tangibly preserved, all increasingly popular. This article will highlight just a few of them.

Many of these trends involve DNA. A DNA sample of the deceased can be taken, with the help from professionals at the funeral home—in the form of a hair clipping or a fingernail clipping, typically. This provides the family with a small remainder of the deceased’s unique genetic material.

The question is, what can be done with a DNA sample? The options are numerous—and, as the field of genetics continues to expand, more options are available all the time. For many families, though, DNA serves a simple purpose. It is effectively enshrined in a piece of original jewelry or décor, allowing the family to hold onto a tasteful, original, and physical reminder of the deceased’s life and presence.

There are other roles that a DNA sample can play, as well. DNA collection is increasingly popular among those with a zeal for genealogy. The DNA of the deceased can be stored and used down the road for ongoing explorations of family lines and histories.

Another way to physically remember the deceased is with Thumbies®. These are keepsakes that replicate the thumb or fingerprint of your loved one onto a piece of jewelry.

Sometimes these physical aids can help memories seem more real; as the options continue to abound, their popularity continues to increase. To learn more, families can contact Bradshaw Carter Funeral Home by calling 713-521-0066.

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