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Memorials that Honor Eternal Commitments

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With Valentine’s Day at the forefront this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss ways that couples can honor their commitment to each other after the end of their lives. It’s true that “till death do us part” is a theme present in wedding ceremonies past and present—however, I for one know that many couples do not see that as the end, and look for ways to celebrate their love for one another for eternity.

One popular way to do this, for couples who have opted for cremation, is to co-mingle their cremains
together. What happens in this scenario is that when one spouse dies, the family will use an urn to keep the cremains at home. Then, when the surviving spouse passes, the family will either choose to use an urn that jointly combines the couple’s cremains or a companion urn will be purchased.

Companion urns have become very common in this regard, and are usually the more popular option. This is an urn that is designed to keep the couple’s cremains separate while housed together. It has two separate containers within one urn. From here, the family has the option to keep the companion urn or bury it.

For couples who have opted for traditional burial, it is possible to use a cemetery plot in a “vertical” fashion, burying one casket above the other (or side-by-side if one spouse decided to be cremated). Of course, this also depends on the cemetery’s rules of operation. If this is a possibility you and your loved one are interested in, it is necessary to check with the cemetery and ask if they are willing to reopen a grave site to accommodate the other spouse after the first member of the couple has passed.

Ultimately, all of these burial and end-of-life solutions have been designed for the couple that wants to be together forever.

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