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Planning a Funeral

Honoring the Life of a Missing Pet

Honoring the Life of a Missing Pet Though the passing of a pet can be difficult, it is no less painful to cope with a pet that has gone missing. Having a lost pet can be an agonizing process, oftentimes involving months of waiting, searching and posting dozens of fliers.  However, when it is finally realized that your beloved animal is nowhere to be found, a new set of issues comes into play. Euthanizing a pet or allowing him or her to pass away peacefully at home provides the comfort of being able to lay the animal to rest—what’s more is... read more

Q & A: Remembering a Lost Pet

Remembering a Lost Pet: A Q & A I recently held a memorial service for my 16 year old Shih Tzu, Henry, who died last month. As an individual who has spent many years working in the funeral industry as a funeral director, I have found that losing any loved one can prove quite a challenge. For some, saying goodbye to a beloved animal can be more difficult than letting go of a person we have known. However, while funerals and memorial services have become a standard part of the grieving process when we lose the people we know, some find it... read more

What to Do With Family Plots When Families Change

Family Plots Sometimes individuals will find that their relatives have purchased comprehensive family burial plots for children and other loved ones to use. However, many find that it is uncommon for families to “stay together” geographically in a way to practically use these burial plots. In addition, children—and grandchildren—of the original deed holder will often wish to be buried with their spouse or pursue another form of burial. Is it Disrespectful to Not Use a Family Burial Plot? Many will question whether it is disrespectful to plan... read more

How to Face Complex Relationships at Funerals

Funerals are a time for families and friends to gather to remember the deceased. However, not all of those associated with the departed may have perfect relationships with one another. For this reason, services can be awkward for those who carry negative feelings or have complex relationships with other guests. Planning a Service in a Complex Family Whether a family is rife with rivalries or opposing personalities, it is important to make sure that all voices are heard when planning the service. While spouses and parents may be the most... read more

The Role of Pallbearers at a Funeral

Having pallbearers at a funeral is a common tradition among many religions; however,manymay not be familiarwith this practice—especially if one has never attended a funeral service before. Pallbearers are individuals who are respected by the deceased and may have had a close relationship to him or her. These individuals are chosen—either in preplanning by the departed or their loved ones—to escort the casket or coffin in church and to carry the casket to the burial site. For many, this ritual carries great significance and offers closure to... read more

Tips for Planning Your Own Funeral

Planning your own funeral is an important way for you to ensure that the service happens exactly as you’d like it to. It can also significantly reduce the levels of stress endured by your friends and family after your passing, as they already know exactly how to proceed. Regardless of whether you are completely physically fit or not, it is always a wise idea to attend to this sort of planning well in advance. Some of the components you’ll want to address as you begin funeral planning for yourself include: The viewing This is when friends and... read more

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral for yourself or for a loved one requires organization in the midst of grief and sadness.  Consult these guidelines on the most important elements of funeral planning that you and your loved ones should know. 1.)   Prearranging provides you or your loved one with the opportunity to become informed about the plethora of options regarding the funeral or cremation service. No two services are alike, and individuals can choose to showcase videos, photographs, music, special readings or any other involved elements with family and... read more

Understanding Funeral Rites

Funeral rites are an important part of honoring someone who has passed away. The ways in which a group of people executes these rites vary depending on the person’s religion, as well as that faith’s belief about life after death. Why do funeral rites matter? Funeral rites are important because they show respect for the dead. They also give that person’s loved ones a chance to mourn and express their grief. Many people feel that expressing their grief in a formal way is an important part of the healing process. In some religions, these rites... read more

Understanding the Idea Behind a Non-denominational Funeral Service

When a person who has passed away didn’t follow one particular religion or faith, a non-denominational funeral can prove to be the most appropriate way to honor that person’s life. Instead of focusing on religious texts during the ceremony, the family can choose to take a more humanistic approach. This makes for a poignant funeral, even without a religious element. Even if the person who passed did loosely follow a religion, it is becoming increasingly common for families to use a non-denominational service in order to honor their loved one... read more

The Difference Between Jewish and Christian Funerals

Traditions surrounding funerals vary from religion to religion, so before you attend a service you should have some idea about what to expect. What is viewed as respectful in one religion may be considered offensive in another. This is why some careful research is necessary so that you can honor the deceased without inadvertently causing an issue. Christian services Christian funerals are typically centered on the ideas of eternal life and resurrection for the soul through the acceptance of Jesus Christ. A Christian funeral may incorporate... read more

Popular Funeral and Memorial Service Songs

No two funerals or memorial services are alike, and therefore, individuals planning their own funerals or the service for a loved one should keep personalization in mind. There are several ways to personalize a funeral or memorial service to fully and adequately celebrate and honor the life of a deceased friend or family member. Music is an important part of the funeral or memorial, and many people find comfort during their darkest hour as songs celebrating the lives of the deceased can often serve as a beacon of hope. Appropriate music is an... read more

Understanding the Difference between Funeral and Memorial Services

As cultural norms continue to change, the way we handle the passing of loved ones also evolves. Today, there are many ways that people choose to celebrate the lives of those they care about, leading some to question the true difference between funeral services and memorial services. With the introduction of new traditions and burial practices, many professionals may use the terms “funeral” and “memorial” interchangeably. However, there are some key differences that are worth noting if you are attending or planning a funeral or memorial... read more


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